Dasal Baptist Church

Dasal Baptist Church is located in Dalumpinas, Philippines.

One of the members of our congregation, Airyn Guerzon (Ortiguero) had envisioned a church in her homeland Dalumpinas.  Whenever her family went home for a visit, they would invite community folks over for fellowship and bible study.  These bible studies and series of fellowships were then led by a cousin, Rolly Cacyan who happened to be a pastor of The United Methodist Church.  Airyn shared her vision with Pastor Jim MacLellan and Youth Pastor Jason Goulet who went along side Airyn to share the ministry with Pastor Rolly.  After some deliberations and study with Pastor Rolly for the possibility to have the church and to become the first pastor, Pastor Rolly excitedly accepted the great challenge.

Elk Point Baptist Church(EPBC) provided the funds to have a building constructed on the Ortiguero land which was finished May 2012.  As the church was growing, a van was needed to transport the people and so in May 2013 a van was purchased with funds from the EPBC. Then in Sep 2013, EPBC provided funds to have a canopy constructed on the building.