Jim MacLellan
May 4, 2020
Jim MacLellan
Senior Pastor


JOHN 12:12–19
We Have Seen His Glory

Very soon the perfect Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, would be slain on this Passover on March 29th, A.D. 33. As we have noted, the plotting of Jesus’ death has already occurred. Jesus now orchestrates this kingly entrance into Jerusalem. This is the very place he would suffer and die. The only problem was that there was a lot of confusion, both in the disciples and the crowd as to what was really going on here. Ironically, the Pharisees were closer to the truth than you can imagine!

Jesus’ procession into Jerusalem on a donkey was a prophetic act to counter the desire of the Jews for a nationalistic Messiah” and establish the truth that He was King over all nations, indeed the “whole world”.