Jim MacLellan
October 19, 2020
Jim MacLellan
Senior Pastor


John 13:31–35
We Have Seen His Glory

In our pursuit to hear about Jesus through the Gospel of John, the author now invites us to come into the inner sanctuary and hear Jesus’ farewell words to His Disciples – the Eleven! The next 3 chapters express these farewell words.

It all starts with an announcement by the Savior and then He gives three statements of comfort. An outline would look like this:

The Son of Man has been glorified; the time of departure has come
Comfort #1: I return to the Father to prepare a place (14:1–4)
Comfort #2: Rejoice because I am returning to the Father (14:27–28)
Comfort #3: I leave so that the paraklētos can come (16:4b–7)

This morning we are going to examine Jesus’ announcement of His glorification and departure.