Jim MacLellan
November 15, 2021
Jim MacLellan
Senior Pastor

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PROVERBS 4:10-19
Proverbs - The Path to Wisdom

So, the parent pleads with the child not to forget or dismiss what they’ve been taught. Why? Throughout Scripture there is a general principle that obedience to God’s Word brings long life and abundant life. This is true many times in our human existence. It is ALWAYS true for those who believe Christ and receive Him as Savior and Lord (John 3:16; John 10:10) for it contains the promise of eternity.

Now the parent adds another dimension to their instruction. It might sound this way: “Now Mary let me also remind you that if you follow my instruction, you will not stumble and fall into moral confusion and ruin.” Four times the writer introduces the idea of stumbling in this passage. The repetition is intentional. Godly parents weep with a pain that is indescribable when they see their children continue to accumulate moral failure after moral failure. There are few pains as deep as that.

The parents in verses 14-19 build on this idea of walking and stumbling. The Mom or the Dad tells the young person that the wicked (those who disregard the pursuit of God’s wisdom) become consumed by sin. They cause others to fall in the wake of their wicked lives. Their path is ever-increasing darkness until they too stumble and fall.